Flaner Products and Services (Services)

Welcome to Flaner!

Flaner is a digital extension of your memory. We offer Services to allow you to save relevant information that you choose to memorize by simply sharing it with Flaner. We will process such information, understand what it is about so that we may bring it back to you right when you need it and in a friendly manner.

Certain Services are provided to users free-of-charge. Other Services may require payment before users can access them. However, we will always identify any Services that are not free-of-charge and require a payment from the User.

Together with Flaner Services, we may show to users promoted content by our partners and advertisers, based on your experiences, likes and preferences. We will do our best to only show you content that we truly believe will interest you.

Flaner will continue to be the sole proprietor of all rights, intellectual property, copyrights regarding the Services (including software, apps, content). Flaner retains ownership of all copies, all software, all content made available with the Services.

Services are provided by Flaner with registered address at Rua Vitor Cordon, 10A, 4th floor, Lisbon, Portugal.

Accepting our terms

When you first register on Flaner we will ask you to accept our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy. You may only use our Services if you agree to these Terms of Service and to our Privacy Policy.

These Terms of Service along with our Privacy Policy will govern your relation with Flaner so it is essential that you take some time to carefully read and understand these Terms. If you have any questions or issues regarding these Terms or our Privacy Policy, you may contact us at any time at info@flaner.com or privacy@flaner.com.

Users Content

Flaner allows you to share your content, including photos, comments, feedback and other material and to access content shared by other Flaner users. Anything you share and post with Flaner is considered “User Content”.

You can decide the level of exposure of your contents, by simply adjusting the privacy level when you share them. You may choose within three different privacy levels:

  • (i) Secret: when you choose to share your content using a Secret privacy level, the content will be visible only to you, the User;
  • (ii) Shareable: when you choose to share your content using a Shareable privacy level the content will be visible to anyone with the link to the content;
  • (iii) Public: when you choose to share your content using a Public privacy level, the content will be visible and available to everyone, the content is searchable and the content may be displayed by Flaner to other Users. The content may also appear in online search engines’ results. Flaner may use, at Flaner’s sole discretion and free of charge, Public content to promote the Services.

Our License Regarding Your Content

Users retain all rights in, and are solely responsible for the “User Content” they share, but grant Flaner a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to use, host, distribute, modify, edit, run, copy, publicly perform or display, translate or create derivative works of any comment, post or content, that is covered by intellectual property rights and that the User has shared on or in connection with our Service.

When you share your “User Content” you will also be granting other Flaner Users a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to access the Content using the Flaner Service and using such Content to the extent permitted by these Terms and the functionality of Flaner’s Service.

Flaner may use any “User Content” in different ways in connection with the Services including but not limited to: using Public content to promote Flaner, reformat it, create derivative works, modify it, reproduce it, publicly displaying Public user content.

Content Removal

Flaner may at its own discretion and without prior notice, remove any “User Content” you post or share, if we understand they are in violation of these Terms, any of our Policies or required by law or court order.

Disabling or Terminating Your Flaner Account

Users may ask Flaner to delete their account whenever they want so they stop using the Services. Content that you choose to delete or even after your account has been permanently disabled or deleted, may persist for a limited period of time in backup copies.

We may decide to permanently delete, terminate or disable your account or apply any other measure we see adequate, if you repeatedly violate these Terms of Service or any of our Policies or if you use our Service or Products to infringe other people’s rights.

We may also suspend, delete, terminate or disable your account if we are required to do so by law or judicial decision. We will notify you if we decide to apply any of the above-mentioned measures and you may contact Flaner if you understand we made a mistake.

Your Responsibility and Commitment to Flaner Community

  • The acceptance of any “User Content” by Flaner does not make Flaner responsible for it, neither means that Flaner endorses anything in such content. Users are responsible for the content they share and for making sure they have the needed rights from any third party before publishing any content;
  • You agree not to collect or share any Content considered unlawful and agree that you will not collect or share content that is protected by other third-party proprietary rights (copyright, rights of privacy);
  • You agree not to alter any part of our Services, and you will not sell, reproduce, rent, sublicense, lease any part of the Services
  • You agree not to use (or attempt to) misuse our Services or use it for purposes or intents clearly against the ones pretended by these Terms and the functionality of Flaner’s Services and agree to use the Services only as permitted by law;
  • You agree not to interfere with our Services (or attempt to) circumvent, disable or otherwise interfere with any security related features of the Services;
  • You agree not to misuse or interfere with the Services, namely, but not limited to, through usage of reverse-engineering, decompiling, disassembling, modifying or creating derivative work
  • You agree not to use or launch (or attempt to) any automated system (including, without limitation, any non-authorized bots, robots, spider or any automated process) that may cause any limitations to the Service or with the intent of manipulating or taking over the Services;
  • You shall not use Flaner’s Trademark and Intellectual Property (for example, images, designs, logos, video) unless we have provided you with a prior written consent;
  • You agree not to remove or alter any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property notices, from our Services;
  • You agree not to circumvent, block or in any way limit advertisements in the Services;
  • You acknowledge, understand and agree that Flaner may stop providing, without the need of prior notice, the Services or any feature of the Services (permanently or temporarily) the same way that you may decide to stop using our Services at any time;
  • You shall not circumvent any territorial restrictions implemented to the Services;
  • You agree that you are solely responsible for (and that Flaner has no responsibility to you or to any third party for) any breach of your obligations under the Terms and for the consequences (including any loss or damage which Flaner may suffer) of any such breach;
  • You agree not to post or share any content that could be considered illegal, misleading, fraudulent or intended to harass or bully other users;
  • You agree that you will be responsible for all “User Content” you share and to any activity that occurs under your user name or registered account;
  • You shall not transmit any worms or viruses or any other code that could damage or have a destructive consequence for other Flaner Users or the Services.


Flaner takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any “User Content” that the Users or any Third Party collects, posts or shares using the Services.

Flaner takes no responsibility for:

  • Any content considered harmful, generated automatically and suggested to you through the Services or any other User content such as, but not limited to, suggested Placelist or any other “User Content”;
  • Any “User Content” made available or accessed by you through the Services. However, Flaner will do its best to remove any harmful content as soon as it becomes aware of such content;
  • Any indirect or consequential losses which may be incurred in relation to the Services provided by Flaner or that may result from any “User Content” posted or shared by you or any other Flaner User;
  • Any loss of profit, opportunity, goodwill or business reputation suffered by you, in relation to the Services provided or resulted from any “User Content” posted or shared by you or any other Flaner User;
  • Any loss or unavailability, damage, corruption of “User Content” stored, communicated or transmitted by or through your use of the Services;
  • Any permanent or temporary unavailability of the Services.

Your failure to keep your account details, password or any other User information secure and confidential.

Commercial use of Services

In order to commercially use the Services, users must contact us at info@flaner.com.

General Legal Terms

The Terms constitute the whole legal agreement between the User and Flaner and govern your use of the Services and completely replace any prior agreements in relation to the Services.

If any provision of the present Terms is deemed invalid, then that provision will be eliminated or limited to the minimum extent necessary and the remaining provisions of these Terms will remain in full force and effect.

You agree that your relationship with Flaner under the present Terms shall be governed by Portuguese law and that any legal issues arising from the Terms must be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Portuguese courts.