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Share with Flaner. Enjoy Placelists. Remember places that matter.

Flaner extracts places mentioned in any web content you desire to remember and immediately creates a Placelist for you to enjoy, acting as a digital extension of your memory.

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It's really simple!

From any digital content, tap on Share, choose Flaner and immediately get a Placelist with places you'd like to remember.

No need to type places names. No need to locate them on a map.

Places that matter to you

Use Flaner to create Placelists from articles and blog posts of your favorite influencers and publishers.

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More than points in a map

The Placelist shows the content you shared to create it so you can remember all the great tips you've read about.

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Get inspired by Placelists based on the best content on the web.

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Add and remove places or combine Placelists to create a new one.

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Invite your friends to enjoy the cool places in your collection.

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“What at a really high level disrupted my mind is that I don't need to remember anything. When there is something that inspires me, when it comes to potencial experiences that I can take advantage of in a location... the purpose of Flaner is to save it for me so I don't have to.”

David Anderson, Xoogler

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Flaner is like a Spotify for places.”

Fred Quintao, Software Engineer

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“It definitely helps me remember the places I'd like to visit, and it's helpful for sharing my Placelists with others.”

Audrey Jaupitre, English Teacher

flaner is global

We're proud to be a Portuguese company with a global heart.

We want to make it easier for you to remember places and enjoy the cities you love which is why your feedback is always welcome!

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